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Anne Fischer Silva, CNT, LE

"Life in all it's splendor is Mother Nature obeyed" ~Weston A. Price

Anne is a Restorative Wellness Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is the owner of “A New Leaf Nutrition”, a private practice located in Petaluma, CA. Anne has a successful practice that serves clients throughout the United States as well as internationally. She received her certification in functional nutrition from Advanced Integrated Medical Institute in Washington, DC in 2000. Anne was an integral part of developing a successful holistic practice model before entering private practice. She helped develop the curriculum for Nutritional Therapy Association and continues as a lead instructor with NTA. Over the last fourteen years, she has taught nutrition courses in Washington, Hawaii, and California, hosted “Health-Wise” (a weekly radio show), and written articles for health publications. She has lectured nationally on a variety of health topics. Anne has taught traditional food cooking classes and is a past chapter leader for the Sonoma County Weston A. Price Organization. She is passionate about teaching, cooking nutrient dense foods, her family, and connection around the table. Anne is excited to share her successful practice model with other practitioners. Her vision is to ultimately change the prevailing paradigm of what constitute health and how that is achieved.

Clinical Approach: The focus of Anne’s practice is educating her clients about the importance of nutrient-dense foods and balancing biochemistry. She utilizes a variety of testing techniques and healing methods to restore optimal health.



This illustration is representative of how I view health and where I focus when working with clients. At the base of the foundations, is food. Properly prepared, nutrient-dense food is primary nutrition. It is responsible for supplying the body with everything it needs to function optimally. In addition, we have five important fundamental factors that form the basis of our health. They are digestion, balanced blood sugar, balanced minerals, appropriate fatty acids, and adequate hydration.

For each of these foundations, many books have been written. For many experts, it’s all about digestion. When it comes to wellness, their primary focus is digestion and assimilation of nutrients. And, of course, they are right. For other health gurus, blood sugar is of primary importance. Ensuring that blood sugar is balanced is essential in order to keep our organs healthy. Yet others focus on omega 3 fatty acids and stress their importance, and minerals and water also have their authoritative advocates in the health field. The truth is that they are all correct. All of these biochemical foundations are immensely important and, together, help determine the fundamental well being of the body.

Of course these are not the issues for which most people seek help. What signals concern for most are degenerative health problems like cardiovascular dysfunction, pain, hormonal imbalances, and immune issues. When the foundations become weak, imbalance in other body systems often occurs.

The body has a marvelous ability to heal itself, given the proper resources. This is the basis of my work. It is my privilege and honor to assist my clients in their quest for good health. If you are tired of not getting answers and want to see how amazing you can feel naturally, give me a call!
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"Anne Fischer Silva has guided me through a process that has given me a deeper understanding of my individual nutritional needs. This year, after 20 years of seasonal allergies, I have not had to take any medications to enjoy my outdoor activities. I believe Anne's guidance has made the difference."

~Donna N. Santa Rosa






















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